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🐳 Docker setup

This page has instructions to run celestia-node using Docker. If you are looking for instructions to run celestia-node using a binary, please refer to the celestia-node page.

Using Docker is the easiest way to run celestia-node for most users. Docker is a containerization platform that allows you to run celestia-node in an isolated environment.

This means that you can run celestia-node on your machine without having to worry about installing and configuring all of the dependencies required to run the node.

The easiest way to install Docker is to use the Docker Desktop installer or Ubuntu. You can find the instructions for your operating system here.


  • Docker and basic understanding of Docker

Light node setup​

Blockspacerace light node setup​

Run the image from the command line:

docker run -e NODE_TYPE=light -e P2P_NETWORK=blockspacerace celestia light start --core.ip IP_ADDRESS --gateway --gateway.addr --gateway.port 26659 mocha

Congratulations! You now have a Celestia light node running on the Blockspace Race testnet.

If you would like to run the node with custom flags, you can refer to the celestia-node tutorial page.