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Transaction resubmission

In cases where transactions are not included within a 75-second window, resubmission is necessary. This is especially important during network congestion, as transactions with relatively low fees may not be processed even after the network clears up.

Regardless of whether they originate from celestia-app or celestia-node, transactions will not be re-gossiped, except in the presence of a new peer.

Monitoring and resubmission

Monitor the status of your transactions. If a transaction is not included within a 75-second window, it should be resubmitted. This can be done manually or through automated processes.

Changes introduced in celestiaorg/celestia-core#1089 may affect transaction gossiping and inclusion speed.


  • All transactions, regardless of their origin, are subject to being sorted and pruned based on fees.
  • It is the user or developer's responsibility to monitor and possibly resubmit transactions if they are not included in a 75-second window.