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Overview of TIA

TIA at a glance

Total supply at genesis1,000,000,000 TIA
Inflation schedule8% in the first year, decreasing 10% per year until reaching an inflation floor of 1.5% annually
Conversion1 uTIA=TIA×106

Role of TIA

Paying for blobspace

Celestia’s native asset, TIA, is an essential part of how developers build on the first modular blockchain network. To use Celestia for data availability, rollup developers submit PayForBlobs transactions on the network for a fee, denominated in TIA.

Bootstrapping new rollups

A core part of the Celestia vision is that deploying a blockchain should be as easy as deploying a smart contract. In the modular era, developers no longer need to issue a token to launch their own blockchain.

Similarly to ETH on Ethereum-based rollups, developers may opt to bootstrap their chain quickly by using TIA as a gas token and currency, in addition to paying for data availability. In this mode, developers can focus on creating their application or execution layer, instead of issuing a token right away.


As a permissionless network built with Cosmos SDK, Celestia uses proof-of-stake to secure its own consensus. Like in other Cosmos networks, any user can help secure the network by delegating their TIA to a Celestia validator for a portion of their validator’s staking rewards.

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Decentralised governance

TIA staking also allows the community to play a critical role in decentralised governance over key parts of Celestia, such as voting on network parameters through governance proposals, and governing the community pool, which receives 2% of block rewards.

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TIA: display token

TIA is the DisplayDenom that you will typically see in wallets and user interfaces.

utia: staking denomination

utia is the BondDenom and stands for "micro TIA", with 1 TIA = 1,000,000 utia. This is the native staking denomination.

In staking operations or transactions, if no denomination is specified, utia is assumed.

microtia: staking denomination alias

microtia is the BondDenomAlias, an alias for utia.