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Speaker list ‚Äč

As a Modular Meetup organizer, we understand the importance of delivering engaging and informative content to your attendees. That's why we've created an exclusive Speaker List specifically tailored for organizers participating in the Modular Meetup Program. This resource gives you access to a curated selection of top-tier speakers who are passionate about Celestia and the modular ecosystem. Due to privacy, the list is not shared publicly but is accessible to participants of the Modular Meetup program when they create a meetup.

The Speaker List features experts from Celestia Labs, as well as prominent figures from the broader Celestia and modular communities. Each individual is well-versed in various aspects of the modular ecosystem, ensuring that your meetup attendees gain valuable insights and deepen their understanding of modular blockchains.

By joining the Modular Meetup Program, you can enjoy the benefits of our Speaker List and bring a touch of expertise to your events. The speakers can participate either in person or virtually, depending on location and timing.

You can expect benefits from the Speaker List including high-quality presentations, interactive Q&A sessions, and knowledge-sharing opportunities facilitated by the best and brightest in the Celestia ecosystem. With our Speaker List, you'll be able to create memorable and impactful Modular Meetups that foster genuine connections and promote growth within the community.