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Paying for blobspace

PayForBlobs transactions

To publish data on Celestia, developers can submit PayForBlobs transactions. A PayForBlobs transaction consists of the identity of the sender, the data to be made available, the data size, the namespace, and a signature.

Each PayForBlobs transaction is split into two parts: the blob or blobs which include the data to be made available along with the namespace, and the executable payment transaction which includes a commitment to the data.

Both the blobs and executable payment transactions are put into the block within the appropriate namespace. The block data is extended using erasure coding and then Merkelized into a data root commitment included in the block header.

Lifecycle of a celestia-app Transaction

See the detailed life cycle of a Celestia transaction.

Learn how to submit data to Celestia’s data availability layer.

Fee market overview

Celestia uses a standard gas-price prioritised mempool. This means that transactions with higher fees will be prioritised by validators. Fees are comprised of a flat fee per transaction and then a variable fee based on the size of each blob in the transaction.

Understand how fees are calculated on Celestia in the overview on submitting PFB transactions.