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Celestia Modular Meetup program

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for Modular Meetup organizers! This collection of resources is designed for those enthusiastic about fostering grassroots Modular Meetups with support from Celestia around the world.

Program description

The Celestia Modular Meetup Program aims to empower meetup organizers, providing education and support, and encouraging collaboration within the Web3 ecosystem. This rapidly growing community has already achieved incredible success with the first Modular Meetup in Lisbon, and will grow from there.

Join fellow enthusiasts, engage in enlightening discussions, and make the most of the insightful resources provided. These resources are designed to serve as a go-to playbook for meetup organizers, especially when starting your journey.

Important info Community Code of Conduct

The purpose of our Community Code of Conduct is to foster an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive environment for everyone participating in Celestia community events. We're all here to learn from each other, expand our skillsets, and enjoy a positive experience together.

All meetup attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers, including the event organizing team, are kindly asked to adhere to the following Code of Conduct. Organizers will respectfully enforce this code throughout the event. We genuinely appreciate the cooperation of all participants in maintaining a safe and empowering space for everyone.

Signup form

To become part of the program, please complete the registration form.

Following the review and approval of your submission, you will receive an email confirmation and an invitation to participate in the upcoming Modular Meetup call. Furthermore, you will be granted access to the exclusive Discord channel labeled "#modular-meetup" on our Discord server. Please take note that joining our Discord is a prerequisite for channel access. It's essential to recognize that this program is tailored for dedicated organizers with a genuine interest in nurturing their local modular ecosystem community.


As a participant in the Celestia Modular Meetup Program, you can expect to receive the following emails:

  1. Welcome email with links to calendar events and Discord channel
  2. Monthly Catch-up call invites
  3. Recap emails with notes from calls


Your active participation is key to unlocking the full potential of this vibrant community. Our primary communication tool is Discord, providing an engaging platform to connect with fellow organizers:


As a meetup organizer, you'll gain access to the Celestia Modular Meetup Program's list of resources. This collection should become your trusted companion in organizing events. Drawing upon the wisdom of seasoned event organizers, this resource is available for you and your co-organizers to explore and learn.