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Participate in the Celestia testnets

Celestia currently has three existing testnets that you can participate in:

  • Blockspace race: An incentivised testnet for all participants: validators and other node operators, integrators, rollups and anyone curious. This testnet closely reflects the version of Celestia at launch.
  • Arabica devnet: A devnet focused on developers who want to deploy sovereign rollups on the latest changes from Celestia's codebase. Arabica will be updated frequently and might be unstable at times given new updates. Validators won't be able to validate on Arabica as it is not designed for validators to participate.
  • Mocha testnet: A testnet focused on enabling validators to test out their infrastructure by running nodes connected to the network. Developers can also deploy sovereign rollups on Mocha, it just will always be behind Arabica as Mocha upgrades are slower given they need to be done via hardforks in coordination with the validator community on Mocha.