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Celestia Node

This tutorial goes over building and installing celestia-node. This tutorial assumes you completed the steps in setting up your development environment here.

Install celestia-node

Installing celestia-node for Mocha Testnet means installing a specific version to be compatible with the network.

Install the celestia-node binary by running the following commands:

cd $HOME
rm -rf celestia-node
git clone
cd celestia-node/
git checkout tags/v0.11.0-rc13
make build
make install
make cel-key

Verify that the binary is working and check the version with the celestia version command:

$ celestia version
Semantic version: v0.11.0-rc13
Commit: 8ca777e1a3f04b7d0494e3bae8a1c1bcf68c5d8c
Build Date: Thu Dec 15 10:19:22 PM UTC 2022
System version: amd64/linux
Golang version: go1.21.1

Next steps

First, we recommend reading the overview of our node types, if you haven't yet.

Now that you've installed Celestia Node, it's time to pick your node type and run your node!

If you're planning to run a light node, we recommend the node RPC CLI tutorial.

Upgrading your binary

To upgrade your binary, you can install the latest version from the instructions above and restart your node. If you run into any issues, please refer to the troubleshooting section.