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celestia-node metrics

This tutorial is for running metrics for your celestia-node Data Availability instance.

This tutorial will focus on running metrics for a light-node.

This tutorial assumes you have already setup your light node by following the tutorial in the Node API tutorial.

Running metrics flags

You can enable the celestia-node metric flags with the following command:

celestia light start --core.ip <ip-address> --metrics --metrics.endpoint <ip-address:port> --gateway --gateway.addr <ip-address> --gateway.port <port> <network>

Note that the --metrics flags enables metrics and expects an input into --metrics.endpoint.

We will go over what the endpoint will need to be in the following section.

Metrics endpoint design considerations

At the moment, the architecture of celestia-node metrics works as specified in the following ADR.

Essentially, the design considerations here will necessitate running an OpenTelemetry (OTEL) collector that connects to Celestia Light Node.

For an overview of OTEL, check out the guide here.

The ADR and the OTEL docs will help you run your collector on the metrics endpoint. This will then allow you to process the data in the collector on a Prometheus server which can then be viewed on a Grafana dashboard.

In the future, we do want to open-source some developer toolings around this infrastructure to allow for node operators to be able to monitor their Data Availability nodes.