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The Blockspace Race


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Celestia is the first modular blockchain network. Its mission is to make deploying a blockchain as easy as deploying a new smart contract. Celestia introduces what is called the data availability layer for enabling efficient scaling and allowing L2 rollups to do data sampling for transactions they need.

The Blockspace Race will help put the Celestia network through its paces to harden features and prepare node operators for mainnet launch. Learn more about the design of the program and its importance for the Celestia community at our announcement post here.

Since Celestia is made up of two networks (consensus and data availability), the incentivized testnet consists of multiple node types.

Consensus Network

  • Validator Node: Orders transactions in the block and participate in consensus.
  • Consensus Full Nodes: Syncs the chain history but does not sign the transaction block.

Data Availability Network

  • Bridge Node: Bridges blocks between the data availability network and the consensus network.
  • Light Node: Conducts data availability sampling on the data availability network.
  • Full Storage Node: Stores all the data but does not connect to the consensus network.

Participants have been selected to run a node type from the above list, with a limit of one node per participant. The Blockspace Race will consist of five phases. Each phase will have different tasks depending on which node type participant will operate. Points are earned by completing these tasks, with additional bonus tasks that the team will evaluate at their sole discretion.

The Celestia Labs team will provide all information, support, announcements and updates on Discord and official website. We also encourage participants to familiarise themselves with the Supplemental Incentivized Testnet Terms, which govern participation in the program.

NOTE: Node operator tasks will include three data availability node subtypes: Bridge Nodes, Full Storage Nodes and Light Nodes. If you have been selected to run one of the three data availability node subtypes, please make sure to only perform the tasks corresponding to your node type. You will only receive points for completed tasks corresponding to your node types. If there is no indication that a node operator task is specific to any of the three subtypes (such as the Bonus tasks), you are eligible for that task also.

Getting Started

  • All participants should join Celestia Discord.
  • All participants will receive access to their profile on Knack portal. Wait for an email for further instructions on profile setup.
  • Participants will be granted appropriate tags on Discord based on the node type they were selected for.
  • Setup guides, timelines, and other relevant information is posted within the phases.

Security Policy

In the interest of reporting security issues and vulnerabilities, please refer to our Security Policy found here.

Points And Rewards

Celestia is allocating 15,000,000.00 TIA tokens in rewards for participants of the Blockspace Race. Points earned during the event will be converted into TIA tokens after the event ends.

Please note that the points you receive for participating and completing the incentivized testnet program will be available to claim once the Celestia mainnet launches. Eligibility requirements and restrictions related to points and tokens are described in the Supplemental Incentivized Testnet Terms.

Participation Rules

As a participant in the incentivized testnet program, you must observe the following participation rules:

  • Abuse of the incentivized testnet faucet or other violations of the Supplemental Incentivized Testnet Terms are punishable by removal from the incentivized testnet program. Your balance or usage of testnet faucet tokens will not translate into any points or mainnet tokens.
  • Validators are required to also run bridge nodes but cannot gain points for running both
  • Please ensure you submit your own work (node id, tx hashes, etc). Submitting another participant’s work will result in immediate removal from the incentivized testnet. We will be monitoring it and have security checks in place.

Software Version Numbers

Here we list the relevant version numbers for the software packages and libraries that will be used in the incentivized testnet:

  • Celestia Node - v0.7.1
  • Celestia App - v0.12.0
  • Rollmint - TBD

Participation By Node Count

Consensus Participants

  • 100 validator nodes

Data Availability Participants

  • 740 light nodes
  • 50 bridge nodes
  • 50 full storage nodes

RPC Endpoints

We will be listing RPC endpoints provided by the community here.

gRPC Endpoints

API Endpoints

Testnet Phases

Phase 1: Liftoff


  • Start: 7 March 2023
  • End: 21 March 2023, 23:59 UTC
  • Break: 7 days
Validator Tasks
Validator TasksTask typePoints
Set up your validatorNetwork80
Sign the genesis blockNetwork45
Maintain high uptimeNetworkScore at the end of Phase 5 / 350

Terms of Service

A link to Celestia’s Incentivized Testnet Supplemental Terms can be found here. Those incorporate our website Terms of Service by reference. We encourage you to review and familiarise yourself with all relevant terms.

Community Code of Conduct

A link to our Community Code of Conduct can be found here.

Privacy Policy

A link to our Privacy Policy can be found here.