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Messages allow us to process and submit information to our specific module.

From the Cosmos-SDK docs, messages are:

In the Cosmos SDK, messages are objects that are contained in transactions to trigger state transitions. Each Cosmos SDK module defines a list of messages and how to handle them.

For messages for Wordle, given our initial design, we will make 2 messages with ignite.

  • The first one is: SubmitWordle and it only passes the Wordle of the Day.
  • The second one is: SubmitGuess and it attempts to guess the submitted wordle. It also passes a word as a guess.

With these initial designs, we can start creating our messages!

Scaffolding A Message

To create the SubmitWordle message, we run the following command:

ignite scaffold message submit-wordle word

This creates the submit-wordle message that takes in word as a parameter.

We now create the final message, SubmitGuess:

ignite scaffold message submit-guess word

Here, we are passing a word as a guess with submit-guess.