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Nitrogen testnet


Nitrogen is the first testnet and L3 made with Celestia's Arbitrum Nitro integration hosted by AltLayer.

Learn more in Altlayer's documentation.

Getting Started with Nitrogen

Find chain information, RPCs, contract addresses, bridging information, blob poster address, and more on AltLayer's Nitrogen testnet page


Nitrogen tokens

The easiest way to obtain Nitrogen tokens is to visit the faucet and select "Nitrogen Testnet (Arbitrum Orbit + Celestia".

You can also find a guide with more details in Altlayer's documentation.

Optional: Bridging tokens

Alternatively, you can use the Arbitrum bridge to bridge from:

  1. Arbitrum Sepolia (L2) to Nitrogen (L3)
  2. Sepolia (L1) to Arbitrum Sepolia (L2) to Nitrogen (L3)

Details for how to use the bridge to Nitrogen can also be found on the Nitrogen page.