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Ethermint is a Cosmos-SDK library that integrates an EVM compiler from Geth.

This would allow you to deploy Solidity or Vyper Ethereum smart contracts in order to build Ethereum-based applications.

In this tutorial, we will be going over how to use Rollmint to deploy an Ethereum-based sovereign rollup that uses Cosmos-SDK and Ethermint.

You can learn more about Ethermint here.

NOTE: This tutorial will explore developing with Rollmint, which is still in Alpha stage. If you run into bugs, please write a Github Issue ticket or let us know in our Discord. Furthermore, while Rollmint allows you to build sovereign rollups on Celestia, it currently does not support fraud proofs yet and is therefore running in "pessimistic" mode, where nodes would need to re-execute the transactions to check the validity of the chain (i.e. a full node). Furthermore, Rollmint currently only supports a single sequencer.


The script for this tutorial is built for Mocha Testnet. If you choose to use Arabica Devnet, you will need to modify the script manually.

In this tutorial, we will go over the following: