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Create a wallet with Celestia App

For this guide, we will go over how you can generate a Celestia wallet using celestia-app.


Note, you do not need to install celestia-node for this tutorial.

Create a wallet

First, create an application CLI configuration file:

celestia-appd config keyring-backend test

You can pick whatever wallet name you want. For our example we used "validator" as the wallet name:

celestia-appd keys add validator --interactive

Save the mnemonic output as this is the only way to recover your validator wallet in case you lose it!

To check all your wallets you can run:

celestia-appd keys list

Fund a wallet

For the public celestia address, you can fund the previously created wallet via Discord by sending this message to either the #mocha-faucet or #arabica-faucet channel:

$request celestia1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wait to see if you get a confirmation that the tokens have been successfully sent. To check if tokens have arrived successfully to the destination wallet run the command below replacing the public address with your own:

celestia-appd start
celestia-appd query bank balances celestia1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please refer to the ports section for information on which ports are required to be open on your machine.